Finding the best price

where to buy

ILife robotic vacuums are sold on a number of websites that resell them directly from the factory. In this way they avoid a lot of the costs that go into Roomba and Neato-type vacuums such as inventory, marketing, etc. The problem is that it’s hard to know who you’re dealing with when you use these sites.

I’ve found that the best solution is to use Aliexpress or GearBest. As I’ve mentioned before on this site, I use Aliexpress for most of my China shopping because they use Escrow to keep payments held by a third party until the buyer receives his product and confirms that it’s ok. Only then does Aliexpress release the payment to the vendor. In all of my purchases on Aliexpress I’ve only had a couple problems and both times I was able to get a quick refund from Aliexpress.

My second favorite place to shop is Gearbest. You’ll find that you can actually get these iLife robotic vacuums for the best price on GearBest (for example, the iLife V5 Pro for only $120 here!). I’ve purchased a few from GearBest, but usually pay just a little more to get them on Aliexpress where I think I feel just a little bit safer as I’ve been shopping there for a much longer time. Both vendors have worked well for me though.

For specific vendors I’ve used, see below:

iLife V7s on Aliexpress or iLife V7s on GearBest

iLife V7 on AliExpress or Ilife V7 on GearbBest

iLife V5 Pro on AliExpress or iLife V5 Pro on GearBest

iLife V5 on AliExpress or iLife V5 on GearBest

iLife V3 on Aliexpress