Chuwi iLife V7s

V7S title pic

The Chuwi iLife V7s robotic vacuum (sometimes called the V7 Pro) is the newest in the line of Chuwi iLife robotic vacuums and the most feature packed offering yet. It retains all the features of previous models and has some very nice additions as well.

v7s top and bottom

Let’s start with a feature list:

  • Dry vacuum (duh!)
  • Wet mop
  • Suspended rolling V brush
  • Two filters
  • Auto recharge
  • Drop avoidance
  • IR wall detection (no bumping)
  • Programmable scheduling
  • 2hr battery life (2600 mAh lithium battery)
  • Long spinning side brush
  • Double wide suction port
  • Extra large mopping pad
  • Control with remote control or smartphone

Chuwi V7S underside GIF

Now, what do all of these mean. Let’s start at the top:

Dry vacuuming:

The V7S is one of the best models yet for cleaning both carpet and tile or hardwood floors.  It’s suction port is twice as wide as the V3 and V5 generation models, meaning there is less place for dirt and hair to hide. The suction power is an impressive 400Pa. Combine that with the V7’s suspended rolling “double-V” brush and you’ve got some powerful vacuuming force.

V7S brush

One difference you might notice as compared to earlier generations is the single spinning side brush. Because the V7s has a double wide suction port, it only needs one side brush to push dirt and hair from the extreme edge of the vacuum to the center. One less part to worry about!

The Chuwi iLife V7s is also one of the quietest robotic vacuums out there at only 50 decibels. That’s about the same amount of noise created by an air conditioner. If your air conditioner doesn’t bother you then the V7s shouldn’t either!

v7s volume graph

One last thing to note about the dry vacuuming: the V7s has a double filter system that works really well at trapping both the larger particles and the smaller airborne ones as well. I find that when they get too dirty from constant use, I can just take them out and wash them in the sink. Once they’re dry I can pop them back in and the V7s is as good as new!

double filters

Like all robotic vacuums, the Chuwi V7s has cliff detection that keeps it from falling off a ledge or trying to drive down the stairs. One thing that not every robotic vacuum has is IR wall detection. The V7s can sense objects and walls as it approaches them, coming right up to them but turning before it actually touches them. I remember watching my old Roomba drive around running into everything in the house like an idiot. I always thought there had to be a better a way to sense obstacles than by just running into them. Chuwi’s got it figured out with an array of IR sensors on the V7s that make sure it doesn’t run into all of your walls and table legs, leaving them mark-free.

Wet mopping:

While all the Chuwi iLife robotic vacuums have come with a removable mopping pad, only the V5 Pro previously featured the ability to wet mop. Now the V7S model has wet mopping functionality with a water tank that is 50% bigger and allows you to mop 50% more area. The mopping pad is also the largest size offered on any Chuwi iLife model, at 500 square centimeters. It covers over half the bottom of the vacuum, giving you lots of space for that absorbsent pad.

mopping pad v7s

To use the mopping feature, you just need to remove the dry vacuuming dust bin and replace it with the water tank. Then snap on the mopping attachment and release the V7s to go mop your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you’d like. It’s really a neat feature that comes in quite handy.

v7s dryvac and wetmop

It’s not going to be quite as good as a person that could put some real muscle into some dried on or sticky mess, but for keeping up with general cleanliness and keeping your floors neat and shiny it works very well. Plus, if you use it regularly you won’t end up with as many of those messes that require you to break out the hand mop more often.

water tank v7s

Auto recharge and scheduling:

Perhaps my favorite feature of the Chuwi iLife robotic vacuums is the scheduling and autocharging features. Most robotic vacuums can do this, so it isn’t something unique to the Chuwi, but it’s still very useful. I set mine to clean every other day at noon, so it runs while I’m out of the house. An added bonus is that it wakes up my dog and forces her to go lay down in different places – that way I know she isn’t just lazy and sleeping all day!


The Chuwi then finds its home base by itself and returns to charge whenever it finishes cleaning or depletes its battery. This makes it almost 100% automatic – I just have to remember to empty the dust bin fairly regularly. When I first started using a Chuwi vacuum, I had to empty the dustbin every time it vacuumed because it picked up so much hair and filth. But now that I have it run every other day, the total amount of dirt and hair laying around is much less so I can empty it once every few vacuuming sessions.


v7 remote

The Chuwi iLife V7s comes with a remote control that allows you to do all of the scheduling and programming that you’ll need. But if you want to feel extra techie then you can also download Chuwi’s iLife robotic vacuuming app to control the vacuum from your iPhone or Android smartphone. It’s really cool and I was amazed at how well it worked the first time I tried it.

Battery life:

Like all models in the Chuwi line, the V7S has a 2600 mAh battery, which gives it enough juice to run for up to 2 hours. That’s more than enough to clean my apartment, and most small homes. If you have a large house then you might have to let it recharge before finishing the rest of the home. Or better yet, just pick up two vacuums – together they’d still be less than the price of a single Roomba!

Where to buy the Chuwi V7s

There are a number of sources for the Chuwi iLife V7S robotic vacuum, but I’ve found that the best place is on Aliexpress or on GearBest. When you make a purchase on Aliexpress, your payment is held in Escrow and not delivered to the vendor until you confirm that you’ve received the product and that it is working and matches the description provided by the vendor. I buy tons of stuff on Aliexpress and have only had two or three problems in my hundreds of orders – but never with a Chuwi vacuum. The couple problems I had were quickly taken care of by Aliexpress and I got my money back. GearBest actually has the vacuum for a better price, but I usually shop on AliExpress anyways because I’m more accustomed to it. I got my Chuwi iLife V7s from this vendor and can vouch for them, that my vacuum arrived quickly and was well packed.