Chuwi iLife V5 Pro

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The Chuwi iLife V5 Pro was the first of the Chuwi iLife robotic vacuum cleaners to offer a wet mopping feature in addition to vacuuming and dry mopping. This was a major improvement in the line-up for anyone that wants to take advantage of the mopping feature on either hardwood or tile floors.

But there’s so much more to the Chuwi iLife V5 Pro than just the mopping upgrade. Check out all the features here:

  • Dry vacuuming mode
  • Wet mopping mode with built-in water tank
  • Brushless motors
  • Obstacle crossing
  • Drop avoidance
  • Collision avoidance
  • Four cleaning modes (auto, spot, edge, scheduling)
  • 2 hour battery life
  • Automatic self-recharging
  • Multiple filters inlcuding HEPA filter
  • Double spinning side brushes
  • Highest suction power (800 Pa) of any Chuwi iLife vacuum models
  • Lowest noise level of all Chuwi iLife vacuum models

Two cleaning machines in one

The Chuwi iLife V5 Pro is just as great of a vacuum as the previous Chuwi iLife vacuum models, but now it can work double duty as both a robotic vacuum and robotic mop to scrub your hardwood and tile floors clean!

To operate in vacuum mode, simply place the dust bin inside the vacuum and set the vacuum to clean normally. When you’re ready to mop, you’ll just need to remove the dustbin and replace it with the water tank. The tank auto drips water at a steady rate into the mopping bad, allowing the Chuwi iLife V5 Pro to wash floors anywhere you need it quickly and effectively.

A super powerful (yet quiet) vacuum

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The Chuwi iLife V5 Pro is the most powerful robot vacuum offered in the Chuwi line yet. It has an impressive 800 Pa of suction, plus two spinning side brushes to force all of the dirt, hair and other debris on your floor up into the dust bin.

Due to it’s highly efficient motors and design, the V5 Pro is still surprisingly quiet despite its high power. It’s only 40 decibels, which is quieter than many air conditioning units!

Dry mopping works great too

Believe it or not, but the mop pad works great even in vacuuming mode. When going over carpet or hard surfaces, hairs or other debris that is occasionally missed by the main brushes and suction get trapped in the mop pad in the rear half of the V5 Pro.

This pad is specially designed from super absorbent microfiber that has hook-shaped individual fibers to grab and hold onto all sorts of dust, hair, pet fur and other debris around your home.

Smart sensors

The Chuwi iLife V5 Pro has an array of infrared sensors to detect everything around it. It senses cliffs and drops to keep it from trying to drive down the stairs and watches out for walls and other obstacles to avoid collisions. Instead of driving around blind like a Roomba, it will actually come right up to a wall but turn before it bumps into it!

Auto self-charging

The Chuwi iLife V5 Pro is designed to work for up to 130 mins on a single charge, but when the charge does finally run out it will return to it’s home base by itself and begin recharging. That way it is always ready for another session of vacuuming. All you have to do is remember to empty the dust bin and the Chuwi V5 Pro takes care of the rest.


One of the most convenient things about the Chuwi V5 Pro is the scheduling feature. It’s not unique to V5 Pro but I love it anyways. You can set the vacuum to run at any time, which means you can make sure it’s working while you’re out of the house so it’s not in your way (and your not in its way either!).

The vacuum comes with its own remote to set up all of the scheduling features and set them according to your own schedule. I like to have my Chuwi vacuum run 3-4 times a week in the middle of the day when I’m not home. That way I always come home to a clean and freshly vacuumed and/or mopped home.

Where to buy?

The Chuwi iLife robotic vacuums are sold by resellers straight from the factory in China. I usually use Aliexpress because they have the safest and most reliable system for ensuring that you get your product or your money back. You can get the Chuwi iLife V5 Pro robotic vacuum on Aliexpress from this highly rated vendor. For an even better price though, check out this vendor on GearBest.