There are tons of robotic vacuums out there from dozens of brands, including big names like Roomba, Neato, Samsung, Phillips and others. But those robotic vacuum cleaners cost many hundreds of dollars! Why spend that much when you can get something just as good for less?

I started this site to write about the Chuwi line of iLife robotic vacuum cleaners, which in my experience are every bit as good as Roomba vacuum cleaners (and better in some ways, read on to find out how) yet cost as little as 25% the cost of those name brand robotic vacuum cleaners.

I don’t work for Chuwi or own a piece of the company or anything like that. I do have some affiliate links in my articles but all of this information I’ve provided for 100% free. It all comes from my personal experience of owning multiple Chuwi iLife vacuums and being blown away at the performance and low cost.

I’ll do my best to provide as much information and specifics from my own experiences as I can to help you learn more about this really interesting industry!

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